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Digital Transformation Advisory

We assist our clients in enhancing their performance in the era of digital transformation, beginning with strategic planning for digital transformation, followed by consultancy and implementation services, project management office support, and culminating in business continuity management.

We are supported by the leading solutions and platforms in the fields of digital banking, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, decision analytics and credit decisioning, financial crime and compliance, wealth management, asset and warehouse management, and centralized monitoring.


CIQURIX Fire Alarm Systems for advanced fire detection and alarm solutions. With reliable technology and intelligent features, our systems provide early detection, precise notification, and seamless integration. Ensure optimal safety and swift response with our user-friendly and customizable fire alarm systems. Trust CIQURIX for reliable fire detection and peace of mind.


Trust Teletek Fire Alarm Systems for reliable and advanced fire detection and alarm solutions. Complying with international safety standards, our systems provide early detection, swift alerting, and customizable features. Safeguard your property with our user-friendly and integrated fire alarm systems for optimal fire protection and peace of mind.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Enhance security with an advanced under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS). Efficiently inspect vehicle undercarriages for hidden threats using high-resolution cameras and imaging technology. Detect potential security risks and ensure a safe environment with our comprehensive UVSS solution. Example

Active Track

Optimize workforce management with Active Track, a versatile solution for real-time monitoring and tracking. Track and manage your mobile workforce efficiently with GPS, RFID, and advanced reporting features. Enhance security, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with the powerful capabilities of Active Track.

Metal Detector

Ensure safety and security with a reliable metal detector system. Detect metallic objects and enhance threat detection in high-security areas. Trust our advanced metal detectors to provide effective screening and maintain a safe environment.

Xray Scanner

Enhance security with an advanced X-ray scanner system. Detect prohibited items and ensure safety with detailed imaging capabilities. Trust our reliable X-ray scanners to provide efficient and non-intrusive security screening for various environments.

Parking Gate

Control vehicle access and enhance parking security with a reliable parking gate system. Regulate entry and exit, prevent unauthorized vehicles, and optimize traffic management. Choose our trusted parking gate solutions to ensure efficient parking operations and provide a secure environment for your premises.

Security Gate

Secure your premises with a robust security gate. Control access, deter unauthorized entry, and enhance safety. Trust our reliable security gate solutions to fortify your perimeter and protect your property effectively.

Perimeter Alarm

Enhance your property security with a reliable perimeter alarm system. Detect and deter unauthorized access, secure your boundaries, and gain peace of mind. Trust our advanced perimeter alarm solutions to provide early warning and swift response, safeguarding your premises effectively.

Intrusion Alarm

Secure your premises with a reliable intrusion alarm system. Detect and deter unauthorized access, protect your property, and gain peace of mind. Trust our advanced intrusion alarm solutions to enhance security and safeguard your home or business.

Video Management System

Streamline your video surveillance operations with a versatile video management system. Effortlessly manage, analyze, and secure your video footage with advanced features and intuitive interfaces. Enhance security, optimize investigations, and gain valuable insights with a comprehensive video management system.

Access Control

Enhance your security with a reliable access control system. Regulate entry, protect sensitive areas, and ensure only authorized individuals have access. Safeguard your assets and maintain a secure environment with our tailored access control solutions.

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